The Pessimist

An outdoor shelter for gatherings and social activity

This project started in a collaboration with a cultivation group in the surburbs of Stockholm. In groups of five we worked on the project for five weeks. Through workshops, on site exploration and investigation we formulated a project idea. From the idea we then sketched, built models, 3D modeled, and did full scale mock-up studies which finally resulted in a full scale spatial structure built by us on site.

The pessimist is an outdoor spatial structure. The construction is built only with 45*45 mm wooden studs, bolts and screws. The surface is treated with tar and linseed-oil to withstand the outdoor climate. The yellow color, with an oil-base, were made to match the surrounding flowers on site.

The structure is made for social gatherings and specially made for the cultivation groups summer youth activities. It has mobile module parts to give the choice of rearranging and flexibility, the moduls have different hights to be workable for different types of use. The main structure has a plastic roof for sheltering abilities on rainy days. We were also inspired by open-source thinking, with choosing cheap, easy accessible materials and repeating construction sollutions with few tools needed for building.

Collaboration with: Peter Gehrman, Alex Widell, Nils Ställborn and Linus Fridén