An instrument to investigate light and color in an existing space

The interpreter is a project by myself and Cornelia Hasselrot. We started exploring the idea of imprints of nature and urban elements. Where the material set it’s boundaries, like a frame shaping the design. With the process in the centre, alive and explorative, we focused on the act of making without a result in mind. We took our processed imprints and started to see how they related to a given space. We found that our material and manipulated surface had an abstracting quality giving an interpretation of the color and light surrounding it.

We went on creating our instrument, a portable furniture strengthened with the ability to show another reality. A reality which I am not able to interpret with only my own eyes. The instrument is a way for me to look at a place with new eyes. Awakening my curiosity for space and the relationhsip between it, myself and it’s objects in the reflecting image of color and light.

Further we took our instrument on a journey. We brought it to Venice, looking at the worn buildings, and public spaces through the eyes of our interpreter. Seeing a beauty in the interpretation of the citys picturesque color palette.

We also brought our instrument to the city of Stockholm, to a city full of traffic. A long way from Venice, closer to home. A stronger, more vivid color palette emerging from it’s space. The force of movement is overwhelming and sharp. Another tempo, another rhythm, another relation between the city, oneself and it’s objects.

I like finding beauty in things that surprise me, and our instrument gives me that element of surprise. A method for seeing something else. A method for seeing less. A method for reflections. Playing with the notion of a furniture, what it is, how it is, what we want it to be and what we never thought it could be.

Collaboration with: Cornelia Hasselrot